Appear Confident Instantly

1. Make your body language work for you 
Most of the first impressions are formed by body language, so make it count. Show you are interested in people,smile, make an eye contact, use hand gestures to emphasise your point and have a good posture. So please do put in efforts to work on your body language and pretty soon you will have a more confident appearance. 

2. Slow down
What's the importance of slowing down? When you get nervous, your voice tends to go up a few notes and you start to talk really fast. take a deep breath, slow down and practice. If you go very fast start to mumble and rumble nobody would like to listen to you. Use pauses to your advantage it will help you to speak slower and give you time to gather your thoughts.

3. Developing a Confident Lifestyle
It's time to look good and feel your best. Taking good care of yourself is important to your well being. Your hygiene, attire and health makes a powerful impression on others. Spend time each day on your hygiene. Maintain good health. All these things will boost your confidence.

4. Get out of your head 
After going through some physical changes, it's time to adjust on how you fell inside versus how look on outside. It's time to stop living in your head. We all have these inner lizards in our brain that are in-charge of fear and negativity. When you feel stressed these lizards are activated and the fear and nervousness just shows up. Stop thinking what other people think about you. 

5.Seek new opportunities to talk more
Prepare yourself for meaningful conversations that we have in our everyday lives. Strike up conversations with strangers and participate in discussions more often.
Don't spend all your time on your office desk. Spend time walking around and chatting with other people. Grab those opportunities to communicate with other.

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