Preposition Exercises

Choose the right preposition of place:

  1.  the picture, I can see a family  a kitchen.
  2. There is a dish full of fruits  the worktop.
  3. The mother is standing  her son and daughter.
  4. She is holding a vase  in her hand.
  5. The son and the daughter are sitting  the worktop smiling  each other.
  6. There are beautiful cupbords  the wall.
  7. There is a window  the mother.
  8. The woman is looking  her daughter.

Choose the right preposition of time:

  1. What are you doing  Saturday?
  2. I am going to the countryside  the weekend.
  3. I haven't been to the countryside  December.
  4. What time are you leaving?
    I am leaving  the afternoon. May be  three o'clock pm.I am coming back  Sunday evening. I'll catch the half  seven train Sunday. I'll be here  nine o'clock.
  5. So you'll be there  the whole weekend. I'll be missing you!

Complete the sentences with the prepositions from the box. Sometimes more than one answer is possible and you can use each preposition more than once.
Tip! If you cannot come up with the correct preposition, try them all one by one! After a while you should know what the answers are.
We often go out  a meal.
  1. Watch ! We're going to crash!
  2. I have never seen your husband. What's he ?
  3. My mother is abroad, so my dad is taking care  us at the moment.
  4. Did you know that Paul is married  Susie?
  5. The bus stop is just around the corner. It'll take you five minutes  foot to get there.
  6. I am not good  cooking. Fortunately, my husband really loves cooking.
  7. My girlfriend works  a receptionist in a hotel.
  8. I don't get  with my new neighbor. He is so rude!
  9. I'd like to speak  the manager, please.*
  10. I got  my car and drove home.

    * It is possible to say, "I'd like to speak with the manager, please" in American English.


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