Use of in at on as prepositions of places

Prepositions are an important part of English grammar, and they help us express relationships between different elements in a sentence. When it comes to indicating location or place, the prepositions "in," "at," and "on" are commonly used. Here's an elaboration on their usage, along with five examples for each preposition:

Use of in at on prepositions of places Learn English Guruji English Classes

  1. "In" as a preposition of place:

    • I live in a house.
    • The cat is in the tree.
    • She works in an office.
    • The books are in the library.
    • There is food in the refrigerator.

    Exceptions: We generally use "in" for enclosed spaces, large areas, and countries, but some exceptions include:

    • We say "in bed" instead of "on bed."
    • We say "in the car" instead of "on the car."
    • We say "in the picture" instead of "on the picture."

    Things to remember: "In" suggests being inside or within boundaries, whether physical or metaphorical.

  2. "At" as a preposition of place:

    • Meet me at the park.
    • He is waiting at the bus stop.
    • We'll see you at the restaurant.
    • The party is at John's house.
    • She is studying at the university.

    Exceptions: We use "at" for specific locations and points, but some exceptions include:

    • We say "at home" instead of "in home."
    • We say "at work" instead of "in work."
    • We say "at the cinema" instead of "in the cinema."

    Things to remember: "At" is used for specific places, addresses, and points in space.

  3. "On" as a preposition of place:

    • The book is on the table.
    • The picture is hanging on the wall.
    • The cat is sleeping on the bed.
    • There is a stain on the carpet.
    • The mug is on the shelf.

    Exceptions: We use "on" for surfaces and positions, but some exceptions include:

    • We say "on the beach" instead of "in the beach."
    • We say "on the street" instead of "in the street."
    • We say "on the balcony" instead of "in the balcony."

    Things to remember: "On" indicates contact with a surface or position above or outside something.

Instructions for students:

  • Practice using "in," "at," and "on" with different examples.
  • Pay attention to the context and meaning when selecting the appropriate preposition.
  • Study exceptions and common collocations to improve accuracy.
  • Read and listen to English texts or conversations to observe how these prepositions are used.
  • Engage in speaking and writing activities to apply the knowledge effectively.

Remember, prepositions can be challenging, so consistent practice and exposure will help you become more comfortable with their usage


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