TOEFL - An Exercise for you - See where you stand.

1. _____ the floor manager, we don't need to work this Friday afternoon.
 According of
 According from
 According to

2. You _____ see the doctor if that back ache persists.
 better have
 have better
 had better

3. How long does it take _____ the nearest train station?
 get to
 to get
 to get to
 getting to

4. He likes his new job very much and _____.
 works hardly
 hard works
 hardly work
 works hard

5. Please fill _____ this online application form.

6. "I've never seen that movie."
"_____ have I."

7. "Haven't you been to New York?"
"_____ been there."
 Yes, I haven't
 Yes, I wasn't
 No, I haven't
 No, I have

8. "Where does Helen live?" "She lives _____."
 in the Moore Street
 on Moore Street
 at Moore Street
 on the Moore Street

9. Is your TV _____?
 as large as mine
 so large as me
 as large as me
 so large as mine

10. I've never seen _____.
 such a tall man
 so tall man
 such tall man
 as tall man

11. Please carry this box _____ the next room.

12. My mother didn't buy _____ food at that store.

13. "How often do you play tennis?"
"I play _____."
 two times in a month
 two times a month
 two months a time
 two times of a month

14. John started his current job _____ October 10.

15. Would you go with us if you _____ the money?
 will have
 would have

16. There hasn't  _____.
 been a concert like this before
 been a concert like before this
 a concert been like this before
 before a concert been like this

17. You had better stay _____ home and get rid of your cold.

18. "Whose cell phone is this?"
"It's _____"
 the cell phone of my friend
 my friend's
 belong a friend of mine
 one of my friends

19. "How do I use this tool?" "Hold it _____."
 on your right firmly hand
 in your firmly right hand
 firmly in your right hand
 firmly on your right hand

20. It's really hard to believe _____.
 he would say such a terrible thing
 such a terrible thing he would say
 to say he would such a terrible thing
 would he say such a terrible thing

21. "Did you fully understand what I meant?" "_____."
 I think so
 So I think
 I so think
 So think I

22. Jane is the woman who is standing _____ my mother.
 to the front of
 in front of
 front of

23. _____ the audience safely left the theater through the fire exits.
 Every one
 Every member
 Every member of
 Every all of

24. He _____ he was going to visit his sister in Ohio.
 spoke that
 talked that
 said that
 told that

25. We _____ our favorite team's performance.
 were disappointed by
 were disappointed of
 were disappointing
 were disappointing in


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