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Indefinite Adjectives

Indefinite Adjectives An indefinite adjective tells you some information about a noun without being too exact in its description. They refer to non- specific persons or things and never exact. Some common indefinite adjectives may include the words few , many, several, all , each , most and some . All tells you every single one, but doesn’t tell you exactly how many this is. Many means quite a few, but once again doesn’t tell you exactly how many this is. Below you will find a few examples. I called to tell Jane that I was running late, and should arrive within a few minutes. Kate has too many mismatched socks stuffed in her drawer. The teacher asked several questions during the class. All of my cousins have black hair. Each one of my friends have different personalities. I collect all sorts of stamps, but Kate has the most. The little boy has a lot of toys, but only plays with some of them. The indefinite adjectives listed above are used when the exact amoun

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