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Job Vacancy - Field Executive

Vacancy Field Executive Officers   Skills & Requirements : Good Communication Skills  Field/Sales Marketing  Formal Appearance  Client Interaction  Target Oriented   Able to perform under pressure 2-Wheeler and Smartphone must Extensive Travel  Education- 10+2 or Graduation  Job Location- Aligarh, Mathura, Bulandshahar, Agra, Etah, Salary - 4000 - 7000 Daily Allowance Extra Interview Date/Time - Saturday 9 am,  Venue: TAMS  Naada Pul, Khair Road, Aligarh 

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Second and Third Conditionals - TAMS Studies

SECOND AND THIRD CONDITIONALS Many English learners say this topic is confusing. But really, it is not difficult if you learn the structure. My last lesson covered Zero and First Conditionals , so today we are going to look at the last 3 types: Second, Third and Mixed Conditionals. SECOND CONDITIONAL I live in London so I travel every day on London buses. I travel every day on London buses because I live in London. ( note : this is the REAL present situation) If I didn’t live in London, I would not travel every day on London buses. I would not travel every day on London buses if I did not live in London. ( note : this is the UNREAL present situation) We use this Second Conditional structure to talk about unreal or very improbable situations in the present or future , in other words, for the hypothetical present or future. The structure is: CONDITION CLAUSE MAIN CLAUSE If + Past Simple or Past Continuous If I won the lottery, Would + Present Infiniti

CGL/CPO - Combined Graduate Level - Syllabus - Aligarh - TAMS Studies

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Conditional Forms - TAMS Studies - English Grammar - Aligarh

Conditional forms are used to imagine events in certain conditions. The conditional can be used to speak about real events that always happen (first conditional), imaginary events (second conditional), or imagined past events (third conditional). Conditional sentences are also known as 'if' sentences. Here are some examples: If we finish early, we will go out for lunch.  - First conditional - possible situation If we had time, we would visit our friends. - Second conditional - imaginary situation If we had gone to New York, we would have visited the exhibit.  - Third conditional - past imagined situation English learners  should study conditional forms to speak about past, present and future situations that depend on other events happening. There are four forms of the conditional in English. Students should study each of the forms to understand how to use conditionals to speak about: Something that is always true if something happens - conditional zero Something that

Conditional Chant - Grammar

Teacher/Leader:  I'll ... Class/Group:  I'll ... Teacher/Leader:  I'll say hello ... Class/Group:  I'll say hello ... Teacher/Leader:  I'll say hello if she comes ... Class/Group:  I'll say hello if she comes ... Teacher/Leader:  I'll say hello if she comes to the PARTY! Class/Group:  I'll say hello if she comes to the PARTY!

Current Affairs 22 Jan - 5 Feb by TAMS Studies

5 Feb Vice President Hamid Ansari concluded his two-nation tour to Thailand and Brunei Prime Minister dedicated Brahmaputra Cracker and Polymer Limited to Nation Union Government approved Heritage development projects for Andhra Pradesh and Telangana Reliance Infra signed Agreement with Birla Corp to sell its Cement Plant Tea Board issued Version 5.0 of Plant Protection Code expanding list of Pesticides for use India ratified Convention on Supplementary Compensation for Nuclear Damage NASA’s New Horizons mission spotted floating hills on Pluto ICC appointed Rahul Dravid as member of newly constituted Anti-Corruption Unit Oversight Group Supporting Syria & the Region Conference 2016 held in London Odisha Government allowed tourists into certain tribal areas after three years ban Geetu Mohandas won Global Filmmaking award 2016 for script of Insha Allah 4 feb 10-years of MGNREGA: The way forward Bharat Biotech unveiled first vaccine candidate Zikavac for Z

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