Time Expressions and Tenses

Time Expressions and Tenses

By SunilTams, English as 2nd Language

Days of the Week
Notice that all days of the week are
capitalized. When speaking about an action
that is repeated EVERY Saturday, Monday,
etc. use the day of the week + 's'
The Weekend
British English: at the weekend OR at
weekends (in general)
American English: on the weekends OR on
weekends (in general)
I play tennis at weekends.
She visits her mother Tuesdays.
Times of the Day
Use the following time expressions to
express things that happen during the day.
in the morning
in the afternoon
in the evening
at night
NOTE: Make sure to note that we say 'at
night' NOT 'in the night'
They do the cleaning in the morning.
He goes to bed late at night.
Time Expressions to Use with the Present
every day, month, year, etc.
She travels to Las Vegas every year.
Jack tries to exercise every day.
adverbs of frequency (usually, sometimes,
often, etc.)
They sometimes play golf.
She rarely smokes.
Time Expressions to Use with the Present
now - Tom is watching TV now.
today - I'm working on the Smith project
at the moment - Jane is doing her homework
at the moment.
Time Expressions Often Used in the Past
last - used when speaking about the
previous week, month or year
They went on holiday last month.
yesterday - used when speaking about the
previous day
I visited my best friend yesterday.
ago - used when speaking about X days,
weeks, months, years before. NOTE: 'ago'
follows the number of days, weeks, etc.

We flew to Cleveland three weeks ago.
in - used with specific years or months
She graduated in 1976.
when - used with a past time clause
I played tennis every day when I was a
Time Expressions Used in the Future
next - We are going to visit our friends in
Chicago next week.
tomorrow - He'll be at the meeting tomorrow.
in X weeks, days, years time - use this
expression with the future continuous to
express what you will be doing at a specific
of time in the future.
We will be swimming in a crystal blue sea in
two weeks time.
by (date) - use this form with the future
perfect to express what you will have done
up to that point in time.
I will have finished the report by April 15.
by the time + time clause - use this form
with the future perfect to express what will
have happened up to a specific action in the
She will have bought a new home by the
time he arrives.


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