Short Speech On Education

Education makes the people easy to lead, but difficult to drive, easy to govern, but impossible to enslave", so said Lord Brougham. This is entirely true, for without education a man is a shade better than an animal.

Just as it is difficult to lead a flock of sheep, you can at best hen) them around. Similarly without education man also behaves like a flock of sheep that can only be herded. After all why is this education so important for us? This can only be understood if you want to know what education stands for. The word education is derived from the Latin word meaning to draw out'. Thus true education is the drawing out of the mental faculties, that are so essential for leading a happy life.

The present scenario in the country:

The abysmally low level of education among the poor and the downtrodden, makes the® vulnerable to economic and political exploitation. Though adequate provisions had been made in the constitution, to ensure their empowerment and participation.

At the ground level it seems the fruits of this, have not percolated down to them. The main culprit for this being lack of education) which deprives them of their power to claim their right. Not only are they economically exploited by the landlords and traders, but politically also they fall easy prey to the mechanisation of c politicians. Their so-called messiah treat them as vote banks, for garnering power and clout themselves, leaving them worse off.

This problem can only be addressed by enlightening masses, by imparting proper education. Thus enabling them to distinguish between good bad.

The education of the masses would awaken their minds to the wonders and mysteries of universe. This would free them from doubts, superstition and remove many social evils that plaguing the society. It would train their intellect to reason logically and not to be carried a by false or illogical promises of politicians or power brokers. In short it would make them civilized, cultured and humane citizens of a proud country.

This would also auger well for the country, as it would strengthen democracy. The would in the true sense be able to elect their leaders. They would be better able to understand national problems, thus strengthen the hands of the government, rather than be misguided vested and selfish sectarian interest.

Conclusion — Urgent need of the hour:

It is, therefore, the need of the hour if we have to safeguard our independence. We have been witness to how a few thousand Englishmen, had ruled over this country for over hundred years, for want of an educated population. We should not allow this to happen a„ This can only be ensured by imparting proper education to the masses, so that they exercise franchise without fear or favour. This would indeed make them master of their destiny.


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