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Dear English Learners,

English is a language with many exceptions and is highly suggested to practice the language in all aspects. Don't leave any word without understanding it fully. Use new words in your sentences.

Read a lot to understand the language and notice how the words are used in the sentences and what they exactly mean.

Phrasal verbs are very important factor in English language as they have different meaning what we may understand by looking at the mere words. I recommend lots of reading to overcome this problem.

Everything takes time and efforts. Keep going - You will be perfect soon in conversations.

Word power is something we need to keep working on it. Magazines like - “Reader's Digest” help a lot. They also have word power section and by going through the magazines, you understand the latest developments in English language and easily develop an understanding for new words.

Once you have a decent amount of word power and grammar knowledge, you start guessing the meanings of new words automatically even you see the words for the first time.

I hope you understand what I mean to say here.

Below are some phrasal verbs with a very easy word "Bring"

Phrasal Verbs with “Bring"

Brought up -
I was born in the United States but _________ in England.

Bringing out -
The director is ___________ his new film this December.

Bringing back -
The customer is ___________ the clothes she purchased last week.

Bring that off -
The Indian team won the World Cup even after being considered as underdogs. How did they _______________?

Bring up -
You need to _________ this point in the meeting.

Brought down -
The British rule in India was ___________ in 1947.

Bring about -
The recent upheaval by students is expected to _____________ a much required change in the society.

Brought me around -
I was not a right wing supporter initially. But her arguments really _____________.

Bring out -
The shade is going to __________ the contours very well.

Brought on -
The flowers ___________ sneezing for him and he is allergic to the pollens.


Happy Learning!!!
Your #EngGuru


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