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Hello Friends,
So many times, you get confused whether you should use Infinitive or Gerund. Now, it is going to be very easy and simple for you after reading this post of mine.
I had a long struggle before I concluded my research at something very easy and amazing. You will also be quite amazed at my findings. So, let's go through the post and later on you will find the easiest way to decide whether you will use Infinitive or Gerund in your sentence.
Generally, in books we get the definitions of Infinitive and Gerund as mentioned below respectively.
Infinitive:- 'Base form' of verb when works with 'to' becomes verbal noun. When used without 'to' called Bare-Infinitive. I do not go. In the previous sentence, go is infinitive. I want to go. In this sentence also, go is infinitive.
Now, Gerund:- 'Ing form' of any verb when works as a noun is called 'Gerund'.  I love singing. In this sentence 'singing' is GerundSmoking is injurious to health. In this sentence, smoking is Gerund.
These things are normally found in books. A lot more information is also there in the books. I have been discussing them for a long time.
How do you decide whether you should use Infinitive or Gerund?
It is a difficult question.

It is really very easy.

After thinking for hours for years, I have come to a strong conclusion which makes it very easy to decide whether one should use infinitive or Gerund in one's sentence.
Infinitive tells some work to be done.
  • I have to go.
  • She has to cook.
  • They have to dance.
  • You have to teach me.
So, these examples show that someone has to do something. So, nothing much just some work needs to be done. Now, whenever you need to use a Verbal Noun for some work which is to happen, Use Infinitive.
Gerund tells experience in the sentence.
  • I love eating pizzas.
  • Smoking is injurious to health.
  • Swimming is a complete exercise.
  • Joining TAMS is a good decision.
  • I like watching TV.
By the above mentioned Examples, you can easily make out that Gerund is only used when experience is shown in the sentence. So, Use Gerund whenever you are dealing with experience in your sentences.
let's take an example of present habit.
  • I am used to waking up early daily.
  • She is used to having coffee.
  • Madhuri is used to loving English Movies.
These sentences are showing the experience the person is getting on daily basis.
If you need any more explanation on infinitive and gerund, Please leave comments with your questions and I would be glad to respond to you.
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