Some Facts About Tenses You Should Know Before SBI PO Exam 2017

Hello Friends, Today, I have brought some facts about tenses. I think you should revise these important points before you appear in your exam.

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Now, I think you are looking for anything or everything so that you can crack the coming SBI PO exam.
There are a few things you must know about the Tenses in English Languages.
Today, we are going to have a brief discussion about the tenses.

Shall or Will

He/She/They/You will go to Agra.
I/We shall go to Agra.
Now, it is pretty much clear that with the first person, we use 'Shall' in simple future or future indefinite tenses.
I shall study well.
You will study well.
They will study well.
We shall study well.
I shall
You will
We shall
They will
He will
She will
Will is also used for willingness/surety. We use will with 'I' and 'We'.
Babita Says, "I will crack the exam".
Laxman, "I will help you with your preparation".
So, whenever you see willingness or promise in the sentence, use 'will' in the sentence instead of shall.
Now, I hope, we have revised 'Shall/Will' and it is not that tough to understand. This concept should be clear in your mind.
Let's go to the next concept.
Will is used when you are 'sure' about the future. 'Would' is used when the speaker is not sure about the state or the action.
Suppose, you are not sure whether you will go to Agra or not, you will say:
would go to Agra.
In this case, the listener will understand that you are not sure. So, people would have an idea about your thoughts.
Let me tell you some more interesting things about the tenses.
Present Continuous for Future Planning:
We are going to Shimla next week.
Ramesh is coming here tomorrow.
Priyanka is going to work with Akshay again.
Babubali 2 is releasing next month.
Now, let me tell you that other than indefinite tenses, all tenses require time details. Either the time details are there in the sentence or they are implied.

So, you need to understand this fact that all tenses other than definite tenses require you to mention the time.
I went to Jaipur.(No time is required)
I had gone to Jaipur.(Time Required)
I had gone to Jaipur twice by 2015.(Time is there and sentence is complete)
I will be going to Bangalore.(Incomplete and Time is required)
I will be going to Bangalore at this time on 26th January.(Details are there)

When there are 2 actions in the past at different times. The first action is always made in past perfect and the other one is made in simple past.

We had reached the platform before the train arrived.
Rahul Gandhi had realized the defeat before the results came.

In the same way, if there are 2 actions in future, you need to make the first one in Future Perfect and the other one in Simple Future.

She will have worked in this company for 5 years when you will join.
I shall have completed 3 years in full fledge teaching when you will be starting your career.

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