Yesterday Routine Speaking

How did you spend your yesterday?

How was your yesterday?

At what time did you wake up yesterday?

I woke up at 4 am yesterday.

What did you do after waking up?

I washed my face, brushed my teeth. Then I prayed. After the prayer, I prepared the breakfast, then we had breakfast, after that I attended my Spoken English Class.

What was there in the breakfast?

In breakfast, I had an egg, a slice of bread, and some soup.

Yesterday, we had poha for the breakfast.

Yesterday, I had chapati and bhindi for the breakfast.

Let’s move ahead.

What did you do in the afternoon?

I ordered from KFC. I cleaned my kitchen in the afternoon. After that, I watched a series called Dahaad. Now I will watch some english series with subtitles daily. Whatever hindi I watch, it is okay. But, I need to watch english Series daily whether I understand or not.

Gadar is being released today again in HD, Dolby Atmos.

It is being released today.

Chai ban rahi hai - Chai is getting ready/prepared.

Food is getting ready/prepared/cooked.

Whatever I can understand, it is fine, whatever I cannot, it is okay.

I have shared this document in whatsapp, check if it is opening.

Take it from the zoom chat, I have shared the link in zoom chat.

I was wake up – I woke up

We had land area - we have land area

Your english is already ok. Where did you learn English.

I was preparing for medical entrance exam. There I learnt some english language.

English is learnt by environment.

Are you listening me? – Can you hear me? - Am I audible?

My friend was visiting me - My friend was coming.

He spent 5 days with me. Yesterday he left.

Speak whatever is coming in your mind.

You can also do that.

Don’t worry about how to learn English. Just attend class daily.

Ankit read his books. His books were in English Language. When you spend more time with English, You learn more and more.

Sir asked me what I took for my breakfast.

I replied I had Lady Finger and Chapati.

Sir told me that you can use the name in English As well.

We are dancing

Are we dancing?

Why are we dancing?

Where are we dancing?

You are Dancing.

Are you dancing?

Why are you dancing?

Where are you dancing?

We, You are subjects

In the same way, Ram and Gita are subjects

We are going to Market.

You are going to Market.

Ram and Gita are going to market.

Are we going to market?

Are you going to market?

Are Ram and Gita going to market/learning english/eating food/talking loudly/learning?

How are we going to market?

How are you going to market?

How are Ram and Gita going to market?

Ram and Gita are learning.

Ram and Gita are learning english.

Ram and Gita are learning english regularly.

Ram and Gita are learning english regularly at Guruji English Classes.

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